Saturday, May 28, 2011

Animal Pass trek

Animal Pass trek is a trek on the peripheral of mighty Himalayas. The trek from Delhi to Delhi was planned for 8 days.
We left Delhi late night on 15th May, 2011. We got A/C bus uptil Chandigarh. Fom Chandigarh we took Manali bus from Sector 17. By 1430 hrs we reached a place called Bhunter which is 10 Kms before Kulu in Himachal Pradesh. From Bhunter, we got a taxi to Manikaran which is 35 Kms drive. Manikaran is famous for hot-springs.
A small temple, adjacent to which hot springs was there
Hot water springs bubbling out
There is a famous Sikh temple at Manikaran. Can see plenty of sikhs coming there to offer prayers. Manikaran is at a height of 1200 MSL.
Next day early morning after breakfast we took taxi to a place called Tosh. It was 35 Kms drive which the taxi gained lots of height. Tosh village has a big hydro electric power station being constructed. Could see lots of trekkers who were on their way to surpass trek.
At Tosh we could witness lots of snow peaked mountains.
Scene from Tosh Village
Tosh village is at a height of 2470 MSL.
Trek started from Tosh. The latitude & longitude (lat-long) of the starting point of the trek was 32.01194, 77.449. After passing through narrow village lanes, we started to gain height. We reached a last village named as Kutla which is at a height of 2780 MSL. Lat-Long of Kutla is 32.0283, 77.46417.
The only shop at Kutla.

 Further 2 Kms trek we reached a small patch of open land. It was late afternoon and we decided to camp here. Lat-Long of the camping place was 32.034, 77.4783.
We collected fire-woods to do night camp-fire. Tents were set-up; and we aclimitized to the nature. There was a small stream flowing. Water was dame cold. It used to pain very much terribly when we went to collect water. Temperature dipped even further after night. The camp-fire kept us warm.
Next day early morning after having breakfast, we started our trek by 0830 Hrs. Now, we were passing along the stream. Within a short distance we saw a big pile of ice. Could see a big river flowing beneath it.

 We kept on gaining height. The vegitation kept on changing when we were gaining height. We got few patches of ice. Had to walk on them; and trust me it was tough.
On the way could see lots of ice-peaked mountains.

At 1530 Hrs we reached our camp which is at a height of 3500 MSL. The camp was put on a green patch of land. and we were covered around with snow capped mountains. The lat-long of this camping place is 32.08417, 77.47861.

The last patch of green. From here there were not even a single tree/patch of greenery we could witness
The breeze got very much stronger after sun-set. After having early dinner we got inside our tent.
The sky looked spectacular in the night.
Night View from the camp site
 Next day morning we again started our trek by 0830 Hrs. Now, from here the trek would test us. We had to walk lots on ice. and could see ice getting melted. So, it was very risky to keep each and every foot. We trekked very slowly. Ice-sac were used to break the ice and a dedicated path way was scripted. We made sure we kept foot on the same path. But, sometimes the ice would suddenly cave in. Once, my full leg went under the ice. My leg almost brushed across a rock which was under the ice. Lucky not to get serious injuries.

Besides this, the nature looked too beautiful. Many times felt it is not possible to capture the beauty in camera. So, simply sat and enjoyed the beauty.
Some, of the pics is below.
Walking carefully on Ice
Peaks seen on the way
Some more
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Since all the place was covered by ice, it was difficult to find a place to put camps. Luckily got a small patch of non-ice space which we used it to put our tents. This camp place was at a height of 3800 MSL. The Lat-long of this camping place is 32.11472, 77.47917.
By evening it rained heavily. Luckily water didn't enter our tents. The temperature dipped to +2 degrees in the night. There was a stream flowing near to our tent. Water was dame cold.
Some of the photos taken from the camp site is as shown below.
Animal Pass at the far end
Amazing Peak
Next morning, we had to go to Animal Pass. We didn't proceed as it would be very risky. And weather in the camp site was very tough. So, we just saw Animal Pass from the far end and headed back.
The team which went to Animal Pass is as shown below.

The trekking trial is as displayed in the link below.
Trekking Trial Link

The link of the photos taken by one of the trekker is as given in the below link.

On the return journey after the trek, we went to Manali. Manali is famous for Hadimbamata Temple. This is the temple place where Arvind Swamy was kidnapped in the movie Roja. There is a beautiful garden back of the temple which has hundreds of thick trees. Manali is at a height of 2000 MSL.
The famous Rotang pass was still covered by snow. So, we couldnt go there.

We headed to Delhi on 24th May, 2011. Manali to Delhi is 14 hrs journey.